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This month's theme is Consistency

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Dive into actionable steps you can start taking right away, or at your own pace, to gain more consistency. You'll find tips on journaling, affirmations, self care and connection, as well as an interview with Keshia Hay!

Here’s the truth: Consistency IS key. But consistency is easier said than done, right? In order to create more consistency in your life, you’ve got to start small.


Without putting your all your energy into how much you can accomplish, and just doing a little bit everyday, you’ll start to build positive habits. Once consistency is formed in those small habits, you can start increasing the duration or perfecting the habit over time.


Instead of putting all your focus on the end goal, focus on what and how much you are willing to do today, in this moment.

This is exactly what we are helping the members of Limitless Lifestyle Coaching do in July - create and practice small, daily habits that build consistency. And that consistency will move us forward toward our goals each day.


You can learn more about Limitless Lifestyle Coaching (our monthly group coaching membership) HERE.


Consistency doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s a choice, everyday, to decide what and how much you are willing to do right now. We look forward to helping our members create consistency this month, and we hope to see you in there with us soon!

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An exclusive chat with Keshia Hay

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Each month we publish a digital magazine full of awesome content around that month’s theme (we’re talking all about consistency in July!) and featuring a woman who inspires us. This month our cover girl is Keshia Hay, private chef and owner of Sip N Bite Cocktail.⁣⁣


We had the priveledge to hop on the phone with Keshia and left this call feeling SO inspired, uplifted and empowered!⁣⁣


There was so much amazingness in our chat with Keshia that we put just a few highlights in our magazine, and are releasing the full audio interview as one our free downloads too.⁣


If you are an entrepreneur, have a dream to start your own business, or are simply a human who eats food, you WANT to listen to this!

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