Hether Crawford, the owner of Hether Crawford Coaching is a wife and mom, a certified Health Coach, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, TEDx Speaker, Hair Color Lover, and an Enneagram Type 9.

Her deep dive into nutrition was born out of necessity after watching her son struggle with chronic asthma. Through nutritional changes she made with her family, her son's world was forever changed for the better. Hether became a personal trainer and health coach as a way to help others experience those same changes, and has coached well over 100 people - helping them turn small, daily changes into big lifestyle changes.

Now, after a decade in the health and fitness industry, and hearing the hearts of her clients and friends, Hether's focus and passion has evolved to helping women escape the bombardment of cultural messages and change their own limiting narratives in order to create a lasting healthy lifestyle full of freedom and joy.

Kayla Denny is a loving wife, mother of two boys, vacation lover, and nerd at heart (Enneagram 5 here!). She has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry and over eight years in management. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and is currently studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

A few years ago, Kayla discovered mindset coaching. She was able to remove limiting beliefs about herself and her potential that had been holding her back for many years. This overall change in mindset helped her accomplish parenting, marriage, career, and personal goals!


Kayla has a passion for helping others remove barriers so they can create their own limitless life. Some of her favorite methods include: identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs, self-awareness, and creating motivation.


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