Blown Away by Consistency

Our theme inside our group coaching program for the month of April was consistency. Our goal was to practice consistency in different areas of our lives, like self care, connection, journaling and affirmations. At the beginning of the month, I saw that one of my yoga teachers, Barbara, was hosting a "Headstand Everyday" challenge for April. This is a pose I have been wanting to be able to do, so I decided to try. I gave myself a little accountability by posting on social media, and letting her know I was in.

If I'm honest I didn't have any big expectations or goals with this challenge, but I was hopeful that after 30 days, I could at least get into a headstand - something I've always wanted to be able to do.

Day one: I attempt a headstand on the floor, away from the wall first just to gage where I'm at. Here's how that went. ;)

So I scooted my mat over to the wall and kicked my feet up. I could have felt discouraged and told myself that this pose just wasn't for me. But I knew that I made a commitment to try just one headstand every day for 30 days. I had someone waiting to see my daily check ins. So on day 2, I kicked my feet up the wall for another supported headstand. Day 3, same thing. Day 4, again.

It was on day 5 that my shoulders started to feel really strong. I was pushing through them and felt like I could have less support, so I tried to take my feet, one at a time, away from the wall. It was super wobbly, but I did it! I couldn't wait to share with the others doing this challenge.

I was SO excited! I thought I could totally move away from the wall on Day 6, but nope. That one ended in a super awkward backbend. LOL But I didn't give up. I kicked my feet up the wall into a headstand every day, moving just a little further from the wall each 7, day 8, day 9, day 10...and with each day, I more easily got my legs up, and was able to pull away from the wall more quickly. I started getting even more excited to post my check ins each day with my yoga teacher. She was so encouraging, and it was really fun seeing every one else's posts too.

On day 11 I had moved so far away from the wall that I knew if I fell, the wall would not catch me. But then it happened! I floated my legs up into a headstand and was able to hold it for a few seconds without the wall! Ok, now I'm definitely not giving up. But on day 12, I just wasn't feeling it. I skipped a day. I could have beat myself up and decided that oh well, I may as well just call it quits. But instead I chose to express gratitude - I thanked myself for listening to my body and giving it rest. And on day 13, I held a headstand without the wall for a full 30 seconds!

On day 14, I felt so strong in my headstand that I started to play with my legs.

I did it! This is what I'd always wanted to do, and I had done it! No need to keep going the rest of the month, right? I had accomplished my goal of headstand. Done. BUT I wanted to practice consistency. I wanted to complete this challenge that I said I was going to do. Most of all I want to BE a consistent person! So on day 15, I did another headstand. Day 16, day 17, day 18...each day felt stronger and better! And on day 19 I totally forgot. Again, instead of punishing myself, I told myself it was ok. I would pick back up the next day.

Days 20-30 were the best headstand days of all. Not only did I feel confident in my headstands, but I was incorporating them into my yoga practice and freely moving my legs around in ways that felt great to my body.

Why am I sharing this, and what does it have to do with you? Well, first of all, I'm super proud of this accomplishment and I want to celebrate it.YAY ME! But most of all I'm pretty blown away at what just 30 days of consistency can actually do! I committed to doing JUST ONE headstand every day, and went from not even being able to get my legs up to moving freely in my headstand in just 30 days. What ELSE could I do in 30 days?! What have I missed out on because I gave up too soon, or because I beat myself up for not being good enough yet, or because I didn't have community support?

What is it in your life that you want to get better at? Have you ever worked on it consistently for 30 days, pushing past the hard days and the days you messed up or skipped? One of the many things I learned from this experience is how much I value the support and accountability of others also working on a goal. That collective of people with the commonality of PROGRESS makes all the difference. It's why our community is the most valuable part of our Limitless Lifestyle Coaching program.

If you have something in your life that you want to be more consistent in, or you limit yourself by believing that you simply aren't a consistent person, we'd love to welcome you into our community. You just never know what the support of coaches and others all working toward progress can do for you!

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