• Kayla Denny

Emotional Sobriety vs. Emotional Intoxication

Emotional intoxication occurs anytime we are under extreme emotions. Anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, nervousness, or excitement all have the ability to take over our thoughts and gain control of our mindset. Emotional sobriety occurs when we are able to slow the emotions down and regain control of our thoughts. Both positive and negative emotions have the ability to take over our thoughts and highjack our mindset, which in turn can derail us from our goals!

When we allow our emotions to take over, we become reactive instead of responsive. In the midst of feeling emotionally intoxicated we say things we don't mean, make poor decisions, and are only able to partially think through situations. Many times we choose to see one side of the story, typically our side. We fail to see where the other person is coming from or their perspective on the situation.

Even in situations were we are drunk on happiness or excitement, we may choose to give in to things that kill our momentum towards our goals. For example, we get a promotion at work. Yay! Now let's go have drinks with friends and buy a new outfit to celebrate! *Pause* While having drinks with friends and buying a new outfit are wonderful activities, it may not be the best time to make that decision to have drinks if your goal is to cut back on alcohol or buy a new outfit if your goal is to save money.

Choosing emotional sobriety is a practice. When we are aware of our emotions and what triggers them, we can begin to practice emotional sobriety. Learning to take a breath, acknowledge the emotion, and respond instead of react is one way we gain control over our life. We learn to bring our rational mindset to go to battle against our emotional intoxication.

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