• Kayla Denny

We can ALL relate to this!

For years I told myself stories like "Today doesn't matter...I'll start tomorrow" or "It's almost the I'll enjoy this weekend and start Monday" and sometimes I even told myself "Well...since this month is almost over anyway...I will make a fresh start on the first of the month!". How much time did I waste telling myself these stories! I made excuse after excuse for not creating change and I delayed my own progress for years. I would tell myself that, "I need to clean out my refrigerator first, then I will purchase all the health things" or "It's so-and-so's birthday and I want to enjoy myself without guilt. I mean after all, it's a celebration!"

I created story after story in an attempt to justify and feel good about my choices.

Can you relate?

Are there stories that you are holding on too with dear life? What stories are you telling yourself today in order to put off creating change? How are you justifying your unhealthy habits to remove the feeling of guilt?

Friends, there is FREEDOM waiting for you. You do not have to feel a certain way to create change. You don't have to have it all together. You don't have to be "happy" to make better choices for you life. As a matter of fact, you will find that exponential growth comes when we make the best choice during the hardest time. It's easy to say yes to the workplace donut when we are stressed. It's easy to say you will start working out on Monday. It's easy to say you will work on getting out of debt after your vacation. It's easy to say you will start your dream business venture when your kids are out of the house.

I challenge you to CHOOSE a different story. Choose a story that works to your advantage, instead of working against you! Helping you identify and change your current story is our passion at Limitless Lifestyle Coaching. We would love to work with you to create FREEDOM so you can create the change you have been putting off for years. Don't wait another day, week, month, or year. Stop delaying progress and join us today!


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