• Kayla Denny

What I needed to hear and so do you...

Over the past month our world has been turned upside down. People have lost their stability, income, momentum, health, and thousands have tragically lost their lives. Many people are lucky enough to continue to work, but that also comes at a price. The stress, fear, and anxiety of being an essential worker, most days doesn't seem like a fair trade off. Worry, stress, and discontent have begun to take over. But even though these are dark times, there is still so much in our control.

I sat down to journal last week and decided to give myself a lecture. I thought to myself, "What do you need to hear right now?" and this is what came out:

Every day is going to be different. Accept that. Every day is going to be full of new challenges. Accept that. What separates those who live a limitless life from those who live a limited life? A complete understanding that there are so many things in our control. We can control our attitude, our happiness, our gratefulness, our environment, our careers, our food choices, our physical movement, who we spend time with, how we spend our time, and every other choice we make during the day. No matter what the day brings, we control so many parts of our existence. Unfortunately, many of us focus on what we CAN'T control instead of what we CAN.

When I thought about what I can control, I journaled this question, "Are you living like you are in control?" *Insert gut punch* SOOO POWERFUL RIGHT? Am I living today like I'm in control of my happiness? Am I living today like I'm in control of my food choices? Am I living today like I'm in control of how grateful I am? If the answer is no, then I must be CHOOSING discontent, negativity, criticism, and unhappiness. Either way, the choice is mine. Every. Day.

Working on your mindset daily is so important, especially in dark times. While this mindset is not created overnight, it is practiced daily in every choice you make. We can use tools to retrain our thoughts so our choices are intentional. Do you want your initial response to challenges and hardship to be gratitude? Do you want your initial response to change to be joyfulness? How about a life full of positivity verses negativity and criticism?

Don't wait another day. Start your journey with Limitless Lifestyle Coaching now.


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